From multi year programs to immediate solutions
we build communication campaigns to keep you on point.

Introducing Commscierge™ by MKC Strategies.

Strategic Counsel

While you are focused on your business, we’ll keep you on top of everything else. We provide perspective on a regular basis to help you advance, protect and build against your goals.

Messaging & Positioning

We take even the most complex information and translate it into what is meaningful to your audiences. We’ll help you to navigate the landscape, carve out your space and own it.

Influencer Mapping

We identify the people, brands and companies that are meaningful to your audiences. We understand their needs and build relationships grounded in trust.

Thought Leadership

The expertise that spurred your innovation is central to your company’s leadership voice. We’ll help you to define that voice and establish your thought leaders as go to resources. People are loyal to companies they believe in. Let’s tell them where you stand.

Media Training

Our “celebrity whisperer” moniker came with good reason. We teach people to share stories unscripted and without spin. We help CEOs, patients, A-listers and advocates to use their true voice to tell stories with credibility. An authentic voice is your most powerful tool.

Intermedia Approach

People receive information through multiple sources, sometimes simultaneously. We factor in audience preferences and marry the right mix of earned, social, paid and digital. We do play nice in the sandbox, so if you have pros you love, we’re happy to meet them.

Creative Content

Tone. Tenor. And the Tangibles. Being heard and driving change is reliant on the relevancy of your creative. Our team of creatives captures and creates meaningful content to drive conversations. We pride ourselves on being creative with purpose.

Media Relations

We have an unmatched depth of experience in working with reporters, editors and content creators to shape stories that matter. Our team is working with influential reporters every day on the stories that people are talking about.

Social Media

People turn to social media to keep it real. For breaking news, opinions and personal points of interest, social media requires an authentic voice. We put your message in the right place with the right content and remain true to these tenets. We build trust with each post.