“Bottom line, she can get big things done quickly"

Mary played a critical role in helping Triax and our products gain national market exposure. She has a natural ability to see media opportunities and craft a strategy to communicate to the market. Bottom line, she can get big things done quickly with limited resources. Triax wouldn’t have been able build the brand it has today without her.

– Chad Hollingsworth, Co-Founder, Triax Technologies Inc.


“The thought partner you want by your side”

Mary is the thought partner you want by your side. The depth of her knowledge and creativity is matched by her ability to truly listen to people, hear needs, and identify opportunities. She makes things happen. I’ve seen this first hand at the Sepsis Alliance where her work changed the sepsis conversation. We can’t thank her enough.

– Thomas Heymann, Executive Director, Sepsis Alliance

“Calls to mind the painter Georges Seurat”

Mary Conway’s strategic thinking, media expertise, managerial talents and communication skills call to mind the painter Georges Seurat. She always has the big, impressive picture in focus for her client, along with an uncanny ability to recognize the necessary assortment and arrangement of minute details to achieve it. It’s gratifying to be a resource for Mary’s team. 

– Tim Cage, Principal Tim Cage Communication Training, LLC